National Tournament On A Purple Bus

Gaming bus in Place de la Victoire

Prior to coming to France I was told that the country had a really large gaming scene; significantly larger than Australia’s, which excited me muchly. But since my arrival, I haven’t really been keeping my eye out for games at all – in between adjusting to living in a foreign country, enrolling into university, dealing with the French bureaucracy, and trying to conserve body heat by sitting in positions that make me really small, games haven’t exactly been hot on my mind. That is, of course, until today.


A large purple bus was parked in Place de la Victoire this afternoon when I got off the tram with a spruiker standing beside it going on about some tournament and luring unsuspecting passers-by onto the bus to play Xbox 360 games. I approached the bus to see what it was all about. My French isn’t very good and I still get incredibly nervous whenever someone speaks to me in French, so as soon as the spruiker saw me approach, he tried to get me to sign up to compete and asked me which game I wanted to compete in. What I wanted to say to him was “Qu’est-ce que c’est?” (What is this?), a line which I have used many times before and normally rolls off my tongue with ease. But in my moment of nervousness, I said “Je vais réfléchir” (I will reflect).

Yeah. What the shitting fuck, Tracey? I will reflect? What the butt does that even mean?

He laughed, gave me an entry form, and sent me off on my way.


3 Responses to “National Tournament On A Purple Bus”

  1. 1 Chris January 27, 2010 at 11:19 am

    What? You didn’t enrol? 😉 With all your GG experience?

  2. 3 Tracey Lien January 28, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Went back to the Victoire today and the bus was gone. I MISSED MY CHANCE AT GLORY. Oh well.

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